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Healthy and safety
Waste gas and water treatment

Office(Personal andandyistration):
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Email: hr@zbpharm.com

R&D center/Foreign Trade:
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Home Trade:
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Zhejiang zhebang pharmaceutical and Shangyu zhebang chemical


Healthy and safety:
We always upholds those values of our commitment towards Environment, Health & Safety measures.
We provides a safe, accident free operation at our facilities and identify potential hazards before the manufacturing process begins. All manufacturing and R&D locations are subjected to a detailed safety audit and risk assessment exercise.

Safety Information System
    •All safety related information managed in CBIS system

Safety Committee
    •Established and clarify responsibility

SOP and Policy
    •Safety Guideline for quick reference
    •Safety Manual
    •Options for flammability, explosive and poisonous chemicals
    •Daily safety check and regularity specialty check

    •Monthly safety training
    •Semi-annual emergency evacuation drill 

Firefighting facilities and equipments are 100% availability and in good station.


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